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This Cast page contains SPOILERS!!


Age: 22

Birthday: February 28

Jiro is a nervous young man working at his uncle's stall in the Tsukiji fish market. What he lacks in confidence, he makes up for with a raw, anxious energy that propels him through most of life's obstacles. Once he gets his bearings with someone, he blossoms into a thoughtful, supportive friend who occasionally gets super freaked out.

Hobbies: Jogging, watching cartoons with Taisei.


Age: 26

Birthday: April 20

Taro works as the butcher at his uncle's stall, and is very enthusiastic about his job. His small stature and affable personality undercut a vaguely threatening aura that seems to emit from him at all times. Or maybe he's just very protective of his brother and has never actually been involved in any unsavory activities. Who's to say? No, really...who said that? Taro just wants to talk. 

Hobbies: Destroying seafood, making vague threats.


Age: 22

Birthday: June 30

Taisei has a huge personality, and a height to match. He's extremely friendly, loves to talk, is great at his job, parties hard, and drinks even harder. He seems to excel at everything he tries, but finds it difficult to make deep connections with people beyond the Sakana brothers: his most cherished pals. All Taisei wants is to find someone he can get deep into Hypraman lore with. Like, really deep. 

Hobbies: Drinking, watching Hypraman, succeeding. 


Age: 25

Birthday: November 15

Yuudai is the Sakana stall supervisor, a position he lords over everyone else as often as he can. He's about as friendly as a nervous hornet and rarely lets anyone get close. He one-sidedly considers Jiro his arch nemesis, but can't exact much vengeance with Taro around. Despite his abrasive personality, he's a hard worker and also the proud father of a perfect cat. DON'T ask about the scar. 

Hobbies: Petting his cat, being unapproachable.


Age: 22

Birthday: May 28

Once a pint-sized force of evil, Chie now spends her days working cashier shifts at the Tsukiji fish market and training huge dogs as a hobby. She is as sweet and pretty as she is deeply mysterious, and is never caught off guard. She genuinely likes Jiro a lot and seems to enjoy a quiet life but, much like Taro, you get the feeling that her bad side isn't something you want to be acquainted with. :) 

Hobbies: Training dogs, making trouble.


Age: 28

Birthday: May 15

An accomplished florist, a chain-smoker, a small business owner, a woman scorned, a willful contrarian...Mori can be hard to get along with but, in her defense, she's got a lot going on and you're annoying her. She thinks romance is the ugliest word ever spoken, and isn't thrilled that her little sister Chie is so interested in a pipsqueak like Jiro. At least flowers won't betray you...

Hobbies: Botany, floral design, shopping.


Age: 30

Birthday: October 05

Shigeru is a mellow, thoughtful, dependable guy, but his greatest strength is being less complicated and volatile than everyone else at the fish market. He works with Jan at Ren Sakana's newest venture: a sushi stall in Tsukiji's outer market. Despite missing a few fingers, he's great at his job and tries to set a good example for his coworkers, who never seem to get the message. 

Hobbies: Being the responsible one, bonsai. 


Age: 22

Birthday: July 28

Through some sort of wild mix-up, Jan arrived in Japan rather than the USA for a culinary exchange program, and was hired at Ren Sakana's sushi stall. He's a funny, intelligent, outgoing young man who can drive a car, do his own taxes, and generally take good care of himself, but nobody knows any of this because he can't speak Japanese. 

Hobbies: Cooking, skateboarding.


Age: 28

Birthday: July 21

Genji is Ren Sakana's son and Jiro and Taro's cousin. He's got a track record as long and trouble as Taro's, but lacks his cousin's desire for reform. He's easily provoked, holds a grudge forever, and always seems to have money problems. For example, he now owes Ryoji Nishimura a lot of money and is reluctantly involved in his criminal schemes. He's not a totally bad guy, but boy is he frustrating.

Hobbies: Mooching, being a nuisance. 


Age: 60

Birthday: March 02

The owner of Sakana's Fish Stall and Sushi Stand in the Tsukiji market, Ren is a big man with big dreams from a long line of fishmongers. He took Jiro and Taro in after their parents' deaths, and raised them alongside his own son, Genji. Managing two businesses and three troubled boys has been a lot for him over the years, but he tries to keep the fun, boisterous uncle energy as high as he can. 

Hobbies: Fishing, barbecuing, business planning. 


Age: 19

Birthday: January 21

A diehard fan of romance novels and Chie's best friend, Sango works in the outer market at a kitchen supply stall and dreams of handsome studs whisking her away to a life of leisure and amour. Her extremely high standards and avid imagination are sometimes at odds with each other, but she always stays positive and loves to get to know people. 

Hobbies: Reading romance novels, book clubs.


Age: 4

Birthday: November 15

The most perfect creature that ever existed, Yuudai's most precious daughter, champion shedder: Hime does it all and still has time to nap in the sun. She's probably the only thing standing between her owner and a complete meltdown, so basically she's saving the world every day.  

Hobbies: Laying in the sun, playing with toys, catnip. 


Age: 28

Birthday: January 02

This guy.  

Hobbies: lol  


Age: 57

Birthday: November 28

A crime boss with Genji and the Thugs under his thumb. He seems to have his sights set on infiltrating the fish market, but his motivations are unknown. He loves to make dramatic, unannounced entrances.  

Hobbies: Making dramatic entrances, crime. 


Age: 37

Birthday: August 10

Known to most as just 'Mura,' he runs stock for multiple stalls at the fish market and will heckle just about anyone. Mura and Yuudai have an especially volatile relationship, and he might be considered the latter's true nemesis if he were as easy to boss around as Jiro. He's not that old, but went gray very early. 

Hobbies: Fishing, watching his daughter's basketball games. 


Age: 29

Birthday: September 09

Taisei's older brother, the eldest of five siblings, Genkei is a man of high intelligence and few words. Despite his off-putting stare, he's a doting husband, a proud father and very friendly to those who get to know him. He works as an architect and shares Taisei's deep love of superhero shows and cartoons. 

Hobbies: Freelance design, mobile games, cosplay 


Ages: 47, 34

Birthday: Dec. 02, May 01

Endo (the big one) and Billy (the small one) are Nishimura's hired goons who do most of his dirty work. They don't seem to like him very much, but they are deeply in love with each other. Endo prefers to intimidate rather than inflict harm, but Billy is all too happy to punch anyone.  

Hobbies: Being menacing, going on dates. 


Age: 25

Birthday: July 31

Michio Kusagawa has one mole and a conniving personality. Kento Kusagawa has two moles and a slightly less conniving personality. Together they form a single unit whose mission is to get into everyone's business and find all the best fish market gossip. They work at the stall next to Sakana's and have been secretly cheering Jiro on for the past few years. 

Hobbies: Arcade games, gossip. 


Ryu and Mariko are a loving couple who like to go on dates, but, unfortunately for them, keep running into the rest of the Sakana cast.


A few of Taisei's coworkers. From left to right, they are: Natsuko Sasaki, head of social media marketing, Naomi Kawashima, marketing associate, and Rio Fujita, senior VP of marketing. Sasaki has her eye on Taisei at work, but her ultra-high standards make it difficult for her to find a long term boyfriend. The three of them know Sango through a completely different friend group, and they're all in a romance book club together.