Hiveworks Comics
Posted May 1, 2016 at 01:46 am

Sorry for the spotty update times as of late, folks! I've been preparing for a con this weekend, and also for the impending SAKANA VOLUME 1 Kickstarter, which I'm hoping to launch in the second week of May! Unlike the proto-self-published volumes from years ago, this new Kickstarter book will cover the entire first story arc (chapters 1-8) plus some bonus stuff, all in one nice, professional-looking package! And then next year (2017) I'll be wrapping up the second story arc so we can finally get all this new stuff in book format as well! Exciting stuff! BUSY TIMES. 

So look for some more info on that as we get further into May. Thanks for your patience everybody, and thanks so much for reading!! 


(Also, if you like coffee or tea or just CERAMIC MUGS IN GENERAL, I just put a Sakana-themed mug up in my new Hivemill store! Check it outttt: )