Hiveworks Comics
Posted July 26, 2016 at 11:31 pm

"I like you just the way you are!" has never sounded like less of a compliment! 




HEY GUYS. Things got a little heated in the comments on the last page. I'd like to suggest some guidelines to keep the comment box open and accessable to everyone who wants to read the comic. 


1. Be respectful. No personal attacks. 

2. Try to limit your comments and replies to 2-3 per comic strip or discussion. 

3. If you are having a personal conversation or argument, please take it somewhere else. 

4. Please try to keep discussion on topic and applicable to the comic. Check to see if your question or grievance has already been addressed in a previous comment. 


I appreciate all of you guys commenting and discussing things, these are just some suggestions to keep the comments section running smoothly! Thank you!