Hiveworks Comics
Posted October 24, 2023 at 09:30 am

Sorry for the slightly late update today, I forgot to schedule the automatic post! Can you believe we've had 15 whole uninterrupted updates since they resumed in early September? Honestly, that has to be a record lol. 

Also, there's still lots of SAKANA books available in my store if you're looking for a more physical and less eye-searing way to read the whole series! You can find them here:

FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Unfortunately I'm not able to handle orders outside of the USA at this time, but I'm hoping to have a solution for that sometime soon. For now, international fans can order SAKANA books through the Hivemill store:

HIVEMILL WILL BE HAVING A SALE WITHIN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS! So if you're outside the USA and looking to pick up some copies but are willing to wait a bit longer, I'll let you know when that happens!