Hiveworks Comics
Posted May 14, 2024 at 09:59 am

Exciting news everyone! After nearly 15 years, I've decided to make Sakana readable ON YOUR PHONES! That's right, I'm posting to Webtoons! 

Check it out here! >>>

There's quite a lot of pages to get through, so I'm going to try to keep a brisk pace of uploads. I'm also doing a bit of art and lettering cleanup, so the pages will look a little different on WT! I think it'll be fun for Sakana readers old and new to see the difference, and subscribing to the WT page is a great way to support me making the comic! 

The original pages will remain as-is on the website! This is more or less a soft launch, so I haven't determined a regular update schedule for WT yet (I'm thinking M/W/F). But check out this cool facelift!