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HOW TO SAKANA #2 page 1-2 - HOW TO SAKANA #2
Posted October 1, 2016 at 04:00 am

(NOTE: This comic was originally posted in September 2017, and has been re-dated to appear earlier in the comic!) 


HEY GUYS, thanks again for helping make the SAKANA: V2 Kickstarter such a huge success! This week I'm going to be posting one of the minicomics included in the V2 book: How To Sakana #2 is a follow up to my last how-to comic, and goes a little deeper into my thoughts on comics and how I keep myself motivated! 

This is pages 1-2, and I'll be uploading 3-4 on Friday! I hope you enjoy this second look into my process, and can maybe use some of this information if you're considering starting your own webcomic!